The Big Board

Here’s the big board. Countries in red I’ve found a restaurant for. Countries in white … you get the point.


Is it me or is Russia really big?


  1. Toyin Peters · · Reply

    I am suprised you haven’t yet been to any Nigerian restaurants. I would recommend two to you either ‘Mama Calabar’ just by Wembley Stadium or ‘805’ which is close to New Cross Gate. When you go there you should definitely try Suya (it is like a barbecued beef satay) or if you are more adventurous the always popular Pepper-Soup.

    1. That’s only because you don’t know me. I’m an unthorough scaredy cat. But I’m intrigued by the Suya. And intimidated by the Pepper-Soup. Thanks for the help!

  2. Hi, great initiative! I’ve noticed you haven’t been to an Ecuadorian place, There’s one called El Rincon Quiteño, 235 Holloway Road, N7 8HG London. Hope you like it!

    1. Thanks! It goes on the list! Do they serve Guinea Pig?

  3. good one! I see you have not tasted Latvia cousine yet. you should visit this Latvian House bar which is offering dinners only twice a week. you can email in advance for the menu. Reservations in advance recommended. Place is not big. They do proper home-made food and is particularly good for non-vegetarians.

    1. Excellent – thanks so much Sandra! What sort of typical Latvian dish would you recommend?

      1. assuming you eat meat, then i would recommend to try breaded pork chops with fried potatoes and salad (usually varied veggies and sour cream). You have to try dessert – one of my favorites – rye bread soup with dried fruits and whipped cream. absolute heaven! and rye bread as such – it’s special!
        however, at the place i recommended you to go, each evening they only have one dinner option, so you wont be able really to choose. so, it’s better to check with them before what’s on the menu. :)
        oh, and to finish – have a Riga black balzams – a drink! it’s a must!! :)

      2. Thanks Sandra – that’s so helpful and really appreciate the hints. Latvia (in London) here I come!

      3. :) oh, and for Central Asia, i was recently introduced by my friend to this place which offers authentic Central Asian cousine (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan etc). Was good!

  4. Sandip Datta · · Reply

    I can assure u the best russian restaurant is near holloway tube station. I for got the name but it’s pat londonment university on the 2nd cut right at the corner. U should go and try

    1. I’ve had a look on google, but no joy – any more hints?

  5. LondonFoodie · · Reply

    Right, so some recommendations:
    Russia – I LOVE Mari Vanna, right next to Knightsbridge station (more like above it). There is rumored to be a place behind it for half the price and better quality. Haven’t found it yet.
    While you are in the area, you can try Baku for Uzbek food
    Argentine food – Garufin or Casa Malevo, both authentic, the first next to Holborn and the second next to Marble arch
    Israel – this is a tough one. Honey & Co next to Warren street is the closest I found in London but it isn’t 100% authentic. for Authentic(ish) [not as good as the real thing] head to Golders Green station to Cafe Dizengoff or on one of the places around it.
    Iran – there are too many to mention. Some people love Alounak (Bayswater road station) but I find it a bit too dry. Mohsen (West Ken? Maida Vale I never remember which is which) is supposed to be good but that’s one on my list which I haven’t tried yet.
    Iraq – while you are in Knightsbridge, there are at least two Iraqi places (haven’t tried them) one is called Masgouf and I forgot the name of the other one.
    Hope this helps!

    1. This is awesome help LondonFoodie! Thanks

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