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Point Brack(enbury)

To honour the advancing of Mrs Del Monte’s age by a year, Mrs Del monte’s folks kindly took me to The Brackenbury Restaurant (http://www.brackenburyrestaurant.co.uk/) nestled in the heart of Brackenbury Village. And Mrs Del Monte. Brackenbury Village, for those who find Chiswick too hip, Kensington too bustly and Barnes not twee enough. The Brackenbury was […]


Azou (http://www.azou.co.uk/) is nestled in amongst a bunch of other places on King Street which is kind of in the middle of the no-man’s land between Ravenscourt Park and Stamford Brook. The hood I call it. For my non-London based readers, unfamiliar with these locations, read Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh but change the accents to […]

Capricious Del Monte

There is no doubt that this year I have been extraordinarily lucky, having visited some top-class establishments: The Ritz, Pétrus, Burgh Island, The Belvedere, Walkabout. This is what happens when you become a big time food blogger. Your life changes in subtle ways and you do too. I notice things that you unchallenged peons don’t: […]

Date Night

Like the Italians, Friday night is date night with the wife, Saturday night is date night with the girlfriend. If by girlfriend you mean Xbox whilst Mrs Del Monte continues her charity work with the Harlequins 1st XV – poor thing, she’ll burn herself out! We recreated our first date with a trip to the […]


[Knockers picks up the baton once again as I really slack off. She filled in before covering Umami. And now Inamo. Basically if the restaurant name is vowel-consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel, she’ll eat there. She ate in Wasabi once when my top-hat obscured the W. When she found out she was properly angry. Now she knows how the […]


Horse and I met for supper at Mimino (http://www.mimino.co.uk/) off Kensington High Street so we could have a go at Georgian cuisine and we weren’t disappointed. We ate Georgian cuisine. The waitress informed us that the clientele was 70% Russian, 15% Georgian and 15% British. Every meal should start off with a good stat, but […]