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Sri Lankan Food

That’s the name of the place. Sri Lankan Food. Props to the naming committee. No really. You really pushed the boat out there. You knocked it out of the park. Drop the mic, walk away. In case you didn’t realise I’m being sarcastic. There must be a million awesome names for a Sri Lankan food […]

Afghan Kitchen

It’s convoluted, callously cruel and entirely self-serving, but my stance on British foreign policy is developing into an aggressively expansionist posture. Look it: In the last 15 years we’ve invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, generating a huge refugee population some of whom made their way to London to open delicious restaurants. So here’s what we do: […]

The Village

I’ve taken a deep interest in Somalia ever since Captain Philips did so well during awards season. I haven’t seen it, but the market has spoken and so the instant (+3 months) that it hit the screens I found myself at The Village (http://www.somalirestaurant.co.uk/) with Horse. Horse and I perused the ambiguous menu which told […]

Point Brack(enbury)

To honour the advancing of Mrs Del Monte’s age by a year, Mrs Del monte’s folks kindly took me to The Brackenbury Restaurant (http://www.brackenburyrestaurant.co.uk/) nestled in the heart of Brackenbury Village. And Mrs Del Monte. Brackenbury Village, for those who find Chiswick too hip, Kensington too bustly and Barnes not twee enough. The Brackenbury was […]


Mrs Del Monte and I stopped in at Parparellu (http://www.parparellu.com/) yesterday for a spot of lunch. It is London’s first and only Maltese café and I for one was surprised to discover how many unique Maltese dishes were on offer. Eschewing the Cisk beer (What am I? An alcoholic?) we went for the Kinnie, a […]

I Lovebox

People know me as an avid follower of developing trends in the world of popular ‘pop’ music and so it should come as no surprise that I made my way straight to the open air sweat lodge that is Lovebox (http://mamacolive.com/lovebox/). The bears were out in force and so finally I had some worthy company […]

Abu Zaad

I read in Bella that all might not be well in Syria at the moment, but that’s as far as my curiosity has taken me. I have watched Syriana with gorgeous George and Matt Damon – does that count? He has a great beard in that film. Me, the affianced and her chum Hoppy visited Abu Zaad […]