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People know me to be quite tough. I have a bit of a reputation. Let’s just say tramps don’t want to mess with me in GTA V because I’m quite handy with a golf club. And Nazis/innocent bystanders don’t mess with me in Call of Duty. And Princess Peach doesn’t mess with me in Mario […]


There’s no denying I’ve been slacking off recently, but it’s BBQ season so there’s been little incentive to hunker down in restaurants of late. However, I’ve discovered as yet untapped reserves of traditional British spunk and renewed my commitment to unadulterated awesomeness and you get to sup at the cornucopia of my exertions. The Missus […]


As I’ve made mention of before, Germany is ace and every true Britisher should know we can learn a lot from zee Germans. Their beer is clean-filtered and refreshing, they know their way around a sausage, and before the internet their porn was the most avant garde. Possibly the latter two attributes are related. There […]


The more astute among you (and therefore more sexually attractive) will have divined that your virile correspondant is on the cusp of marital coupling to the future Mrs Del Monte. She has indeed rendered all other females obselete, so bad luck ladies. Stand aside Nicki Minja. Back off Nicole from the 90’s Renault adverts. Get […]

Mad(rid) and Englishman

As well as being a snooty food critic (with well over 10, count them, 10 restaurants under my belt) and being a tower of attraction to all women, I am a professional person replete with duties and concerns. These took me to Madrid this past week which while powerfully interesting to you was another notch […]

Killing A Søftie

The Ring-bearer and I headed tø Cøpenhagen før the weekend tø check it øut. Cøntrary tø the its pørtrayal øn TV, it was nøt a haven øf psychøtic murderers and cøppers with disastrøus persønal lives. But perhaps that’s because we stuck tø the tøurist areas. Maybe øne møre støp øn the metrø and it’s a […]