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Bob Bob Ricard

Not even midway through Q2 of 2018 and here I am already posting. Kind of takes your breath away doesn’t it? I imagine you’ve spent much of 2018 pining for me: Well here I am. Take in a good long drink of Charlie. Get your nose right in there and snort away. There. That feels […]


[Full disclosure: This was a birthday gift from my sister and back-up organ donor, Dangles Del Monte, and her Mancake who is in the business. If it had been a can of expired cat food with a candle in it, I would have high-fived the waiter. They went one better.] I’ve long extolled the many […]


There’s been a lot of debate about whether Scotland is a real country or not. The jury’s out and no amount of devolving is going to clear this matter up. In my experience, the last thing Scottish people need more of is devolving. Don’t worry, I know this sounds insulting, but those Scottish that can […]

The Maple Leaf

It would be very easy to slate The Maple Leaf (http://www.themapleleaflondon.co.uk/) for serving average bar fare in somewhat artifical surroundings whilst having to endure the overbearing volume of the football commentary. I did that, but lost the text when Sandra, 19 from Croydon, emailed me saying she urgently needed me to take her virginity. I’m […]

Stockholm Restaurant & Deli

My friends are the tops, more of that later. Every now and again, however, I favour my wife and permit us to spend a limited amount of time in the company of her chums. It keeps her content and that’s what I’m all about. But you my dear, handsome, well-endowed, insightful, oh my have you lost […]

Killing A Søftie

The Ring-bearer and I headed tø Cøpenhagen før the weekend tø check it øut. Cøntrary tø the its pørtrayal øn TV, it was nøt a haven øf psychøtic murderers and cøppers with disastrøus persønal lives. But perhaps that’s because we stuck tø the tøurist areas. Maybe øne møre støp øn the metrø and it’s a […]

The Belvedere

Just took Fiancée Knowles to The Belvedere (http://www.belvedererestaurant.co.uk/) in Holland Park for a slap-up Birthday grill. It kicked ass. Not part of my ROTWU research, but highly recommended. The dishes were selected from a 3 course set menu priced £27.50. Excellent service as well. They also have an interesting collection of Armagnacs I’d like to […]