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Trinidad Flavour

This blog shall be quick and dirty. Like my 12th girlfriend! Zing! And my 16th, 20th, 23rd, 24th, and 27th. To be fair my first eleven girlfriends didn’t know they were my girlfriends. Nor 13th – 17th. The others were perfectly nice home counties girls of whom mummy very much approved, but who all learned […]

Pico Bar & Grill

Nestled among the gay bars, gay saunas and a pretty gay bathroom supplies store, under the arches of the railway at Vauxhall, is the Pico Bar & Grill. On the way to the Lambeth Country Show (http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/Country-Show/), Senhora and I stopped in for a quick bite to eat. Like the restaurants we enjoyed in Lisbon it’s […]

Nanny Outar’s

Me, Horse, Filly and Bat went to find a petting zoo at the Wimbledon Village Fair (http://www.wimbledonguild.co.uk/WimbledonVillageFair/indexWVF.html) this weekend, but were thwarted. If I can’t stroke a pot bellied pig or badger a rabbit then I’m sure as heck gonna eat one. Lucky for me there were a bunch of food stalls kicking around the […]