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People know me to be quite tough. I have a bit of a reputation. Let’s just say tramps don’t want to mess with me in GTA V because I’m quite handy with a golf club. And Nazis/innocent bystanders don’t mess with me in Call of Duty. And Princess Peach doesn’t mess with me in Mario […]

Smoke Gets In My Mouth

[Gosh Darn it, you can’t keep a good man down. I’m morally dubious (according to multiple primary school report cards) so it is laughably easy to keep me down. This means that at the moment the quest for new restaurants from different nations is achingly slow. Like my love-making. Hopefully this fact doesn’t mean you wander […]

Taiwan Village

I thumb my nose at you, People’s Republic of China. You don’t scare me. Even when you inevitably become our tyrannical overlords and every British school child is forced to use chopsticks, I shall resist. I recognise you Republic of China along with the brave nations of Nauru, Kiribati, Belize and 18 other countries. You […]


There are approximately 1,000,000 islands in the Caribbean (fact) all of which are distinct nations and so it’s going to be a real pain in the gland to try to find a restaurant for each one in London. Nearly all Caribbean restaurants are listed as Caribbean, not any specific country. Plus, there are strong similarities […]

Tito’s Peruvian Restaurant

So me and some chums went here last night. Let’s put PERU up on the big board. (Note to self: Get big board). Here’s the www: http://www.titosperuvianrestaurant.com It’s near London Bridge tube. We kicked off with a jug of Pisco sour (a cactus based alcohol apparently), empanadas and some rubgy ball shaped potato things deep fried […]