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What news from Genoa?

Off to Italy for the weekend because I’m so fudging international. It’s something we Britishers can do on a whim for virtually nothing if you plan months in advance and go Ryanair from Southend airport at 3 o’clock in the morning. And for a Britisher, I bear out a surprising number of sterotypically Italian traits: […]

Say it loud: I’m back and I’m proud!

You think you know who your friends are. You lavish them with your wisdom, witticisms and aesthetic qualities (everyone knows I’m a stone cold milf*) and how do they pay you back? They slack off. Well, I’ll remember this Knockers. I have to travel for a few days and what do you do? You don’t […]

Oslo Witted

Becåuse I håve too much money, Mrs Del Monte decided we should go to Stockholm for New Yeårs but we couldn’t åfford the flights so we went to Oslo insteåd, where the men look like fåiled novelists, the women look like cåtålogue models ånd the beer costs £8 å pint. I know little åbout Noggie […]

Take Another Little Pizza My Heart

I often ask waitresses about the House Pink, follow it up with a genital-based pun and then we can get on with the order. With the good Lady Monte in tow my off-colour innuendo is beginning to seem inappropriate, but I can’t stop myself. Tits. I managed to button it down for a trip to […]

Gourmet Pizza

Talk about your low hanging fruit. Italian food – check! Pizza in fact. Prepare to be amazed. Went with the future Mrs Del Monte and her certifiable mates to Gourmet Pizza – great location. (http://www.gourmetpizzacompany.co.uk). It’s in Gabriel’s Wharf on the South Bank which is the sort of place I pass in summer when walking […]