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Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

The year: sometime before 2010. The place: Brixton. The people: Mrs Del Monte before she was Mrs Del Monte, let’s call her Hopeful Lee McMeeting Charliesoon; and Zoe. Hopeful barges past Zoe on in the doorway of the Iceland near Brixton tube station, elbowing her in the jugular setting in motion the most elaborate sting […]

Ali Baba

Oh houmous. Or hummus. Or hommos. Or humus. I haven’t tried you a million times in every vaguely middle eastern restaurant and all the Quins hang-outs in West London (All-Bar-One, Pitcher & Piano, Slug & Lettuce). I don’t eat you at every opportunity already? Even though you nearly never have enough garlic in. I don’t […]


I’ve just come back from Dubai where I was for work and so was already in a middle-eastern frame of mind (title of my least popular pamphlet on love-making techniques). So it made sense when me and the Trouble and Strife happened across Sarchnar Iraqi Restaurant on the Edgware Road to hightail in and fill […]