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Lahore Mongering

Monumental news everyone: I may have developed a sneaking sliver of admiration for Hipsters. I have for years maintained that the best thing about beards is that I can continue to enjoy meals long after other people have forgotten about them. This is due to the residual aroma, flavour, and, yes, sometimes matter from the […]


  Even I had heard of Tayyabs (http://www.tayyabs.co.uk/) prior to my visit. I’d even queued there once as an artistic act of futility. It was my Charge of the Light Brigade. But more heroic. It would be easy to be deceived, with the teeming uniformed minions, scurrying in all directions, into thinking that this was […]


Dubai is many things, but a Mecca for foodies it is not. Or religious types;­ that’s Mecca. If you like your Fridays TGI and your ice cream Baskin, then it’s the place for you. If you’re not careful, most dining will take place in shopping malls or downtown restaurants like Tony Romas etc. Safe, unchallenging […]


I’ve just come back from Dubai where I was for work and so was already in a middle-eastern frame of mind (title of my least popular pamphlet on love-making techniques). So it made sense when me and the Trouble and Strife happened across Sarchnar Iraqi Restaurant on the Edgware Road to hightail in and fill […]

Indian Zing

This is one of the things I’ve been really looking forward to for this blog. Going to a single restaurant and brazenly ticking off a massive country with a gazillion different cuisines. I’m so awesomely conceited that this can only inspire envy and admiration from my adoring readers. Still, if you’re going to encompass an entire […]