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The Full Montiel

Though the pace of my blogging has slowed dramatically, the pace of my feeding is unabated. And so it was when myself, Mrs Del Monte and little Vengeance went to Spain for a break, taking in some of the Costa Brava and a lot of Barxcelona, a little city I discovered in north west Spain. […]

Prosperity Restaurant

Prosperity Restaurant (http://www.prosperity-london.co.uk) was converted from a café/Ukrainian deli to a restaurant last month so we got the impression that feedback was appreciated when we were done. Here is the feedback: Yummy! Mrs Del Monte and I met Stan and Knockers there relatively early and it was yet to get busy. It seemed awfully quiet […]

Tiroler Hut

I have bulging vertebrae. We were all thinking it. Anyhow, it means that for the time being sitting is very painful and going for supper in a restaurant with me is now as uncomfortable for me as it has always been for everyone else having to watch me feed. Stupid karma. And now I’ve stubbed […]