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Andover Arms. And legs.

[For those of you having difficulty remembering whose blog this is, it’s mine. Charlie Del Monte’s. No one else’s. You may be forgiven for confusing this with Knocker’s blog (google it), but not by me. Not now, not never. I will end you. But as it happens, Knockers has been a little more prolific than […]

Adams Cafe

Adams Cafe (http://www.adamscafe.co.uk)? Hey Adam? What’s your problem with apostrophe’s? And if you’re a Tunisian restaurant, hailing from a part francophone nation, where’s the acuté accént on the e of Café? This isn’t Dalston. This isn’t Camden. This is nice West London where such things matter. Points of View are going to get both barrels […]


The Bbar is (http://www.bbarlondon.com/) not very South African. It’s a little South African. It’s more South African than me, but not by much. It’s a little more South African than Patsy Kensit in Lethal Weapon 2. It doesn’t claim to be very South African, which is lucky because it’s not. If there were South African […]

Vine Leaves Taverna

God I adore Xmas. The cherubic singing of carols, hot mince pies straight from the oven, good cheer to all and a smile in the heart of every true Englishman. False. These are of course lies. I really enjoy the excellent TV, room temperature mince pies and mandatory vacation days. Children ruin Christmas for everyone […]

Cry Me A River Cafe

We (me, Mrs Del Monte, Dangles, Mancake, Mama Del Monte and Endeavour Del Monte (a.k.a. Pops)) held our annual board meeting at the River Cafe (http://www.rivercafe.co.uk/) where we reviewed the accounts, talked promotion (my sister Dangles still angling for the promotion to Son) and plotted the downfall of the Del Muntes those toxic bottom-feeding, mouth-breathing […]


Azou (http://www.azou.co.uk/) is nestled in amongst a bunch of other places on King Street which is kind of in the middle of the no-man’s land between Ravenscourt Park and Stamford Brook. The hood I call it. For my non-London based readers, unfamiliar with these locations, read Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh but change the accents to […]


  Even I had heard of Tayyabs (http://www.tayyabs.co.uk/) prior to my visit. I’d even queued there once as an artistic act of futility. It was my Charge of the Light Brigade. But more heroic. It would be easy to be deceived, with the teeming uniformed minions, scurrying in all directions, into thinking that this was […]

Capricious Del Monte

There is no doubt that this year I have been extraordinarily lucky, having visited some top-class establishments: The Ritz, Pétrus, Burgh Island, The Belvedere, Walkabout. This is what happens when you become a big time food blogger. Your life changes in subtle ways and you do too. I notice things that you unchallenged peons don’t: […]

Ali Baba

Oh houmous. Or hummus. Or hommos. Or humus. I haven’t tried you a million times in every vaguely middle eastern restaurant and all the Quins hang-outs in West London (All-Bar-One, Pitcher & Piano, Slug & Lettuce). I don’t eat you at every opportunity already? Even though you nearly never have enough garlic in. I don’t […]

Pico Bar & Grill

Nestled among the gay bars, gay saunas and a pretty gay bathroom supplies store, under the arches of the railway at Vauxhall, is the Pico Bar & Grill. On the way to the Lambeth Country Show (http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/Country-Show/), Senhora and I stopped in for a quick bite to eat. Like the restaurants we enjoyed in Lisbon it’s […]