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Immature Cheddar

[I’ve been to Cheddar Gorge. I mean, I’ve contracted Cheddar Gorge, but a course of penicillin, (accompanied by a stern admonishment from my doctor), cleared it up. Honestly Dr Hammerstein, I was simply walking my dog on Clapham Common. Rex. That’s his name. The dog’s name I mean.] When you read The Figmentation of Timothy […]

Burgh Island Hotel

To properly celebrate the Führer’s birthday, I married my bird on Saturday. I liked it, then I put a ring on it. I’m the proud owner of a brand new, minty fresh bride. Mrs Del Monte to you. In the aftermath, we escaped for a getaway to Burgh Island (http://www.burghisland.com/) and my dedication you, my […]