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[Knockers picks up the baton once again as I really slack off. She filled in before covering Umami. And now Inamo. Basically if the restaurant name is vowel-consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel, she’ll eat there. She ate in Wasabi once when my top-hat obscured the W. When she found out she was properly angry. Now she knows how the […]

Udon It?

The best development in Japanese restauranting in London is the introduction of specialty restaurants. There are loads of family restaurants in Japan (i.e. ガスト http://www.skylark.co.jp/gusto/), as well as chain izakayas (i.e. Tsubohachi http://www.tsubohachi.co.jp/) where you can get everything in one place, like the Japanese restaurants you find outside of Japan. But there now appears to be a trend […]

Ramen Nose

Me, the Missus and our chums, Horse and Filly, succumbed to a yen for ramen this week and headed to Tonkotsu (http://www.tonkotsu.co.uk/) in Soho. I got terribly excited, because I thought it would be specialising in tonkAtsu, but it was some sort of sick joke and I had to take a few minutes to cry […]