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Cry Me A River Cafe

We (me, Mrs Del Monte, Dangles, Mancake, Mama Del Monte and Endeavour Del Monte (a.k.a. Pops)) held our annual board meeting at the River Cafe (http://www.rivercafe.co.uk/) where we reviewed the accounts, talked promotion (my sister Dangles still angling for the promotion to Son) and plotted the downfall of the Del Muntes those toxic bottom-feeding, mouth-breathing […]

Take Another Little Pizza My Heart

I often ask waitresses about the House Pink, follow it up with a genital-based pun and then we can get on with the order. With the good Lady Monte in tow my off-colour innuendo is beginning to seem inappropriate, but I can’t stop myself. Tits. I managed to button it down for a trip to […]

Gourmet Pizza

Talk about your low hanging fruit. Italian food – check! Pizza in fact. Prepare to be amazed. Went with the future Mrs Del Monte and her certifiable mates to Gourmet Pizza – great location. (http://www.gourmetpizzacompany.co.uk). It’s in Gabriel’s Wharf on the South Bank which is the sort of place I pass in summer when walking […]