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Capricious Del Monte

There is no doubt that this year I have been extraordinarily lucky, having visited some top-class establishments: The Ritz, Pétrus, Burgh Island, The Belvedere, Walkabout. This is what happens when you become a big time food blogger. Your life changes in subtle ways and you do too. I notice things that you unchallenged peons don’t: […]


Supernanny is the best hangover TV in my opinion. The combination of simple problem-solving, armchair psychology, fun activities and the hotness of Jo Frost diverts you enough from your pain and the existential crisis of profound veisalgia. A distant second is all cooking shows and second best among these is the tried and test formula […]

Taste of London

I managed to fit in Taste of London (http://london.tastefestivals.com/) last weekend and what a bizarre, wonderful event it was. Imagine a trade show / retail exhibition / Bestival without the bands and only the snooty tents and you probably have it. A gazillion restaurants, food suppliers and booze pushers were there, and clamouring for attention […]