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Point Brack(enbury)

To honour the advancing of Mrs Del Monte’s age by a year, Mrs Del monte’s folks kindly took me to The Brackenbury Restaurant (http://www.brackenburyrestaurant.co.uk/) nestled in the heart of Brackenbury Village. And Mrs Del Monte. Brackenbury Village, for those who find Chiswick too hip, Kensington too bustly and Barnes not twee enough. The Brackenbury was […]

Killing A Søftie

The Ring-bearer and I headed tø Cøpenhagen før the weekend tø check it øut. Cøntrary tø the its pørtrayal øn TV, it was nøt a haven øf psychøtic murderers and cøppers with disastrøus persønal lives. But perhaps that’s because we stuck tø the tøurist areas. Maybe øne møre støp øn the metrø and it’s a […]