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Point Brack(enbury)

To honour the advancing of Mrs Del Monte’s age by a year, Mrs Del monte’s folks kindly took me to The Brackenbury Restaurant (http://www.brackenburyrestaurant.co.uk/) nestled in the heart of Brackenbury Village. And Mrs Del Monte. Brackenbury Village, for those who find Chiswick too hip, Kensington too bustly and Barnes not twee enough. The Brackenbury was […]

Oslo Witted

Becåuse I håve too much money, Mrs Del Monte decided we should go to Stockholm for New Yeårs but we couldn’t åfford the flights so we went to Oslo insteåd, where the men look like fåiled novelists, the women look like cåtålogue models ånd the beer costs £8 å pint. I know little åbout Noggie […]

The Peking

Riiiiiiight. So I’m going to make this my Korean entry. Not because my geography is super inept (which it is) but because this is as much a Korean restaurant as it is a Chinese one. Look at the front: See? It says Peking-Seoul. And let’s face it, calling something Peking is a little out of […]