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The best film ever made is Top Gun. I honestly don’t know why Hollywood, Bollywood or Nollywood continue to churn out inferior product. Cinematic perfection was attained in 1986 by Tony Scott, Val Kilmer, Kelly McGillis and The Cruiser. I’ve heard that it’s homoerotic but I don’t see it. My teachers used to make me […]

Prattle Royale

Pre-cinema supper for 7 at Royal China (http://www.royalchinagroup.biz/) last night, a place people have raved about and which is meant to be a rung above your standard high street takeaway place. There was a time when pretty much the only foreign cuisine easily available to most Britishers was Indian, Italian and Chinese. This time was […]


Horse and I met for supper at Mimino (http://www.mimino.co.uk/) off Kensington High Street so we could have a go at Georgian cuisine and we weren’t disappointed. We ate Georgian cuisine. The waitress informed us that the clientele was 70% Russian, 15% Georgian and 15% British. Every meal should start off with a good stat, but […]