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The Full Montiel

Though the pace of my blogging has slowed dramatically, the pace of my feeding is unabated. And so it was when myself, Mrs Del Monte and little Vengeance went to Spain for a break, taking in some of the Costa Brava and a lot of Barxcelona, a little city I discovered in north west Spain. […]

Taiwan Village

I thumb my nose at you, People’s Republic of China. You don’t scare me. Even when you inevitably become our tyrannical overlords and every British school child is forced to use chopsticks, I shall resist. I recognise you Republic of China along with the brave nations of Nauru, Kiribati, Belize and 18 other countries. You […]

Capricious Del Monte

There is no doubt that this year I have been extraordinarily lucky, having visited some top-class establishments: The Ritz, Pétrus, Burgh Island, The Belvedere, Walkabout. This is what happens when you become a big time food blogger. Your life changes in subtle ways and you do too. I notice things that you unchallenged peons don’t: […]

Prattle Royale

Pre-cinema supper for 7 at Royal China (http://www.royalchinagroup.biz/) last night, a place people have raved about and which is meant to be a rung above your standard high street takeaway place. There was a time when pretty much the only foreign cuisine easily available to most Britishers was Indian, Italian and Chinese. This time was […]

Thai Rice

If I owned a Thai restaurant I’d call it Thaitanic and brag about my 32% survival rate (too soon?). I’m sure Thai food is delicious and all, but I’ve rarely ventured beyond green curry, chicken. That’s me referring to the curry not you. Ducky. Green curry is so delicious and tasty that it renders all […]

Tito’s Peruvian Restaurant

So me and some chums went here last night. Let’s put PERU up on the big board. (Note to self: Get big board). Here’s the www: http://www.titosperuvianrestaurant.com It’s near London Bridge tube. We kicked off with a jug of Pisco sour (a cactus based alcohol apparently), empanadas and some rubgy ball shaped potato things deep fried […]