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Adams Cafe

Adams Cafe (http://www.adamscafe.co.uk)? Hey Adam? What’s your problem with apostrophe’s? And if you’re a Tunisian restaurant, hailing from a part francophone nation, where’s the acuté accént on the e of Café? This isn’t Dalston. This isn’t Camden. This is nice West London where such things matter. Points of View are going to get both barrels […]


Azou (http://www.azou.co.uk/) is nestled in amongst a bunch of other places on King Street which is kind of in the middle of the no-man’s land between Ravenscourt Park and Stamford Brook. The hood I call it. For my non-London based readers, unfamiliar with these locations, read Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh but change the accents to […]