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I’m Back: The Del Montemoon: Part 1: Bogotá

Say it loud! I’m back and I’m proud! That’s right Del Monte-lovers. Your intrepid correspondant has returned from honeymoon complete with sunburn, swimsuit-chafing, excess of piña colada and awesome Spañish putos. Three weeks, that’s a lot of food to report on so I’m going to spread the good stuff over three entries. Deal with it. Coño. […]

Donde Carlos

This brings up the big 2-0. 20 restaurants from around the globe now. I’ve been to Peru, Vietnam, Australia and Mozambique. But mainly I’ve been to me. Donde Carlos has just opened on the Goldhawk Road and was pleasingly busy on a Saturday lunchtime mostly with people I would guess were from South America. Probably […]