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People know me to be quite tough. I have a bit of a reputation. Let’s just say tramps don’t want to mess with me in GTA V because I’m quite handy with a golf club. And Nazis/innocent bystanders don’t mess with me in Call of Duty. And Princess Peach doesn’t mess with me in Mario […]

De Hems Dutch Cafe Bar

Like German food and my love-making, Dutch food can be really rather good if unheralded. If I concentrate and try to recall lyrics from Michael Bublé songs I can keep going for virtually minutes. Bitterballen are the quintessential Dutch food: Deep fried, cheesy and moreish. Only partly like my love-making. They also do unconvincing hot […]

You’ve Got A Pretty (ply)Mouth

Quiet of late I know, but autumn has finally arrived and that is when I get really moody and introspective like someone famous like that. Also, I’ve not been in London for a series of weekends so it’s tricky to tackle the quest when I’m not here. Still, it’s hardly fair to deprive you of […]


Think Argentinian food and you think steak. And nothing else. My image of all Argentinians is they have steak juice with their morning steak; they mount their steakcycles, zoom off to the steak factory where they rail over their failure to possess the sheep infested Falkland Islands. That’s their biggest gripe about the Falklands. It’s […]

I’m Back: The Del Montemoon: Part Deux: Ecuador

What we all assume about Ecuador is no longer true. While everyone’s ringtone, car alarm, door bell, fog horn and smoke detector issues the timeless tune Ecuador by Sash!, they no longer all hum it under their breath while they go about their daily business. Pity. There are some nice places to eat in Ecuador, […]

Kerbisher & Malt

What could be more English than chips and fish mate yes? England goes up on the Big Board. I suppose I could use this for the whole of the UK but I’m curious to see if Welsh and Irish cuisines are represented in London. A burger at O’Neills does not count. My wife-to-be went, counter […]


Let’s get all the jingoistic ribbing out the way now: G’day cobbers. A dildo ate my barbie. Harold and Toadfish from Neighbours. I don’t know what Australian cuisine is. Anyone? I’ve eaten terribly well on the occasions I’ve been lucky enough to go there, but I doubt I ate something that was uniquely Australian other […]