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Brussels Louts

Brussels is a Mecca for foodies, boasting excellent restaurants representing countries from around the world as well as the excellent, unsung cuisine of Belgium itself. And then there’s the beer. After a long tiring day luring children into your below-ground dungeon, nothing can be better than kicking back with a tall, cool Maes. If I […]

Rasa Penang

Myself Mrs Del Monte, Horse, Filly and Cuy Chactado and Welshman went to the largely unremarkable Rasa Penang (http://www.rasapenang.co.uk/) for supper so I could tick off Malaysia from my list. As it turns out, it serves a hodge-podge of Asian cuisines, but the hugely tolerant waiter directed me to the Malaysian Beef Rendang. This was […]

Prattle Royale

Pre-cinema supper for 7 at Royal China (http://www.royalchinagroup.biz/) last night, a place people have raved about and which is meant to be a rung above your standard high street takeaway place. There was a time when pretty much the only foreign cuisine easily available to most Britishers was Indian, Italian and Chinese. This time was […]

Nanny Outar’s

Me, Horse, Filly and Bat went to find a petting zoo at the Wimbledon Village Fair (http://www.wimbledonguild.co.uk/WimbledonVillageFair/indexWVF.html) this weekend, but were thwarted. If I can’t stroke a pot bellied pig or badger a rabbit then I’m sure as heck gonna eat one. Lucky for me there were a bunch of food stalls kicking around the […]


Horse and I met for supper at Mimino (http://www.mimino.co.uk/) off Kensington High Street so we could have a go at Georgian cuisine and we weren’t disappointed. We ate Georgian cuisine. The waitress informed us that the clientele was 70% Russian, 15% Georgian and 15% British. Every meal should start off with a good stat, but […]

Douche Safari

I was deceived, lied to and betrayed near constantly yesterday. The tossing weathermen promised 17 degrees; I was promised a trip to the East End to sneer at hipsters which turned into a trawl through Columbia Road vintage shops; and the pork we ordered in Laxeiro (http://www.laxeiro.co.uk/) tasted suspiciously like beef. Actually the latter was […]

Red Sea Restaurant

Red Sea Restaurant (on the Uxbridge Road) offers cuisine from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Yemen. So I could, if inclined, tick off 4 countries in one go. But that doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of the endeavour of the undertaking of the task that I’m tackling. So I ordered Ethiopian and if I […]


It’s the Jazz Marathon in Brux this weekend (http://www.brusselsjazzmarathon.be/) so in that spirit we headed to the Green Note (http://www.greennote.co.uk/) in Camden and caught Manière des Bohémiens. Excellent stuff and great venue. In the interval we dashed out to the Belgo (http://www.belgo-restaurants.co.uk/) near Chalk Farm. For those who don’t know, I lived in the glorious […]

Donde Carlos

This brings up the big 2-0. 20 restaurants from around the globe now. I’ve been to Peru, Vietnam, Australia and Mozambique. But mainly I’ve been to me. Donde Carlos has just opened on the Goldhawk Road and was pleasingly busy on a Saturday lunchtime mostly with people I would guess were from South America. Probably […]

Port of Manila

Here’s what I know about the Philippines: … Still, I’ve yet to allow my brand of jingoistic ignorance and general small-mindedness prevent me trying new foods for the sake of this blog. By which I mean the sake of you. You my loyal, dazzled readers. So in many ways you owe me. Though I shan’t […]