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So I guess you thought I’d faded quietly into that sweet night. No such luck. I’ve just been busy. I’ve been travelling a bit (Prague, Madrid, Brussels) all of which I’ve blogged about before so didn’t think it was worth blogging again. Though I did have a nice sandwich in Brussels. Also, I’m one of […]

Tiroler Hut

I have bulging vertebrae. We were all thinking it. Anyhow, it means that for the time being sitting is very painful and going for supper in a restaurant with me is now as uncomfortable for me as it has always been for everyone else having to watch me feed. Stupid karma. And now I’ve stubbed […]

Oslo Witted

Becåuse I håve too much money, Mrs Del Monte decided we should go to Stockholm for New Yeårs but we couldn’t åfford the flights so we went to Oslo insteåd, where the men look like fåiled novelists, the women look like cåtålogue models ånd the beer costs £8 å pint. I know little åbout Noggie […]