Mission Statement

To see if I can find a restaurant for every nation in the world, in London.

I’m loosely restricting myself to all restaurants within the M25 and nations as listed on wikipedia. Recommendations are welcome!


  1. Hugo Oliveira · · Reply

    Charlie, my friend and I started a similar project and we were quite pleased to come across your blog. We are still on baby steps and this April will only be our 4th country. Would you accept company for future adventures? In any case it would be a nice thing to share experiences and tips as we go. Enjoy!

    1. That sounds like it could be fun! Let’s coordinate!

      1. Hugo Oliveira · ·

        Do you ever write where you are planning to visit in advance? We are not looking to break into your “mission” but again it would be nice to share ideas and why not some tasty meals as well. Keep in touch ;)

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