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The Full Montiel

Though the pace of my blogging has slowed dramatically, the pace of my feeding is unabated. And so it was when myself, Mrs Del Monte and little Vengeance went to Spain for a break, taking in some of the Costa Brava and a lot of Barxcelona, a little city I discovered in north west Spain. […]

Happy Fudging New Years Suckers!

Happy fudging New Years to you all and especially my most excellent wife, Mrs Del Monte to you and the incredible little person she emitted, Vengeance.

2014 Year in Review

2014 has been a mixed year for Charlie. On the downside Rik Mayall died and The Colbert Report came to an end, which are both major bummers. On the upside I’ve eaten a lot of delicious food and was featured in the Evening Standard and a few other online venues for generally being awesome. I’ve […]

Merry Fudging Christmas Suckers!

I can’t express my gratitude to you, my adoring readers. Well I suppose I can. I just won’t. Maybe a classic Del Monte selfie will do the trick!

You’re Screwed Now

You can now all breath easy. The Del Monte legacy remains divinely protected due to the arrival of my progeny: Vengeance Del Monte. She burst onto the scene in a crossfire hurricane, guns blazing, and she’s already kicking ass and taking names. Cross her at your peril and pray for a benevolent reign for when […]

Search Terminal

You guys are freaks. Really, genuinely, clinically fudged up. Out of idle curiosity I happened to peruse some of the search terms that lead people to my amazing blog. Let’s start with this weirdness: james may indianzing james may top geat indian zing james may best indian food I mentioned him once, but apparently there […]

Doggy Bags

Here’s something that the American’s do well and I’m only just catching onto here in the UK. I’m not talking about Dating Naked. Or their awesomely militarised police. Or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which is naturally located in Orlando, Florida. When I think of Harry and pals I also think of sun-kissed beaches, […]

Screw You Google. Screw You.

So the Express News did me the great honour of featuring me in their publication: But I don’t speak French or whatever so got Google to translate it for me. And look what Google did to me: Which is so not true. Look at my luxurious beard, my manly stance and full, round pectorals. […]

The Leaky Cauldron

[Normally when I’m quiet, Knockers pipes up and and it’s a real job shutting her up again. However, you may have noticed that she’s been quiet too of late. You didn’t say anything, which is a bit rude, but whatever. Turns out she’s not been slacking off. Not like I have been slacking off. Turns […]

What news from Genoa?

Off to Italy for the weekend because I’m so fudging international. It’s something we Britishers can do on a whim for virtually nothing if you plan months in advance and go Ryanair from Southend airport at 3 o’clock in the morning. And for a Britisher, I bear out a surprising number of sterotypically Italian traits: […]