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Tramp’s Wish

I’ve railed against “Street Food” before. London is now rank with “Street Food” venues and it’s now a corporatised commodity, with specialised marketing outfits stamping them out as fast as they can get revenue for them. My main beef with “Street Food” restaurants are that they are invariably inside and most dishes are over £10. […]

Taste of London

I managed to fit in Taste of London ( last weekend and what a bizarre, wonderful event it was. Imagine a trade show / retail exhibition / Bestival without the bands and only the snooty tents and you probably have it. A gazillion restaurants, food suppliers and booze pushers were there, and clamouring for attention […]

Thai Rice

If I owned a Thai restaurant I’d call it Thaitanic and brag about my 32% survival rate (too soon?). I’m sure Thai food is delicious and all, but I’ve rarely ventured beyond green curry, chicken. That’s me referring to the curry not you. Ducky. Green curry is so delicious and tasty that it renders all […]