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Immature Cheddar

[I’ve been to Cheddar Gorge. I mean, I’ve contracted Cheddar Gorge, but a course of penicillin, (accompanied by a stern admonishment from my doctor), cleared it up. Honestly Dr Hammerstein, I was simply walking my dog on Clapham Common. Rex. That’s his name. The dog’s name I mean.] When you read The Figmentation of Timothy […]

Andover Arms. And legs.

[For those of you having difficulty remembering whose blog this is, it’s mine. Charlie Del Monte’s. No one else’s. You may be forgiven for confusing this with Knocker’s blog (google it), but not by me. Not now, not never. I will end you. But as it happens, Knockers has been a little more prolific than […]

Burgh Island Hotel

To properly celebrate the Führer’s birthday, I married my bird on Saturday. I liked it, then I put a ring on it. I’m the proud owner of a brand new, minty fresh bride. Mrs Del Monte to you. In the aftermath, we escaped for a getaway to Burgh Island ( and my dedication you, my […]

Kerbisher & Malt

What could be more English than chips and fish mate yes? England goes up on the Big Board. I suppose I could use this for the whole of the UK but I’m curious to see if Welsh and Irish cuisines are represented in London. A burger at O’Neills does not count. My wife-to-be went, counter […]