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Go Fudge Yourselves

So out with a motherfudging bang not a motherfudging whimper. This is me, hanging up my ROTWUING gloves, retiring in my prime, undefeated on a basically world record 76, count them, 76 nation states represented by restaurants in London, within the M25. No one else comes close. No one can come close. I didn’t even […]

Bob Bob Ricard

Not even midway through Q2 of 2018 and here I am already posting. Kind of takes your breath away doesn’t it? I imagine you’ve spent much of 2018 pining for me: Well here I am. Take in a good long drink of Charlie. Get your nose right in there and snort away. There. That feels […]

Charlie On Charlie

To mark the 75 country milestone, whereby I have now visited 75 restaurants in London which represent 75 countries, I’ve decided to let you get to know the real Charlie Del Monte even more. I arranged an interview with … myself, in my toughest head-to-head to date. Searching, dogged, I get to the core of […]

Erebuni Restaurant

Foreword: This brings up the big 75 for this blog. The three-quarter century is a key landmark in virtually any domain. I started this quest in 2013 and one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t have made it this far without the indominatable Mrs Del Monte. Rain or shine, pregnant or not pregnant, nursing or […]


[Full disclosure: This was a birthday gift from my sister and back-up organ donor, Dangles Del Monte, and her Mancake who is in the business. If it had been a can of expired cat food with a candle in it, I would have high-fived the waiter. They went one better.] I’ve long extolled the many […]


[Cripes alorky! Everyone look busy. In a first for this blog, Mrs Del Monte is putting pen to paper. Mind your Ps and Qs, tuck your shirt in, tie your laces, drag a comb through your hair, push the outie belly button in. Chin up, chest out. If she asks, I blog every day, dutifully, […]


Lemongrass Restaurant claims to be the only Cambodian restaurant in the UK. A bold claim that I can’t be bothered to fact check but am going to assume is wrong unless everyone accepts my equally staggering counter claim: Charlie Del Monte is the greatest love machine in Cambodia. We cool? Nestled in the heart of […]