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Yorkshire Terror

[How unfortunate that the people Knockers is writing about are so famously illiterate. Perhaps anyone from the home counties travelling up North – presumably to survey potential fracking sites – might charitably read it out for them.] I’d never pick a fight with a Yorkshireman. Or a Yorkshirewoman. Or a Yorkshire Terrier, for that matter. […]

Smoke Gets In My Mouth

[Gosh Darn it, you can’t keep a good man down. I’m morally dubious (according to multiple primary school report cards) so it is laughably easy to keep me down. This means that at the moment the quest for new restaurants from different nations is achingly slow. Like my love-making. Hopefully this fact doesn’t mean you wander […]

El Fenix

[Knockers hijacks the blog again as she goes to more exotic locations on a more regular basis than me. Life=Unfair. Charlie=A Dish. Time=Money. Money=Power. Time=Power. Rolex=Overlord.] A few years ago, someone who mistook my verbal-diarrhoea for extroversion asked, nay instructed me to address a conference of over six hundred (self) important people at a FTSE […]