Charlie Del Monte and the Kiss of Death

Here’s something that keeps happening to me when I check out a restaurant for the quest: The restaurant is empty. I can be a pretty scathing reviewer and restaurateurs rightly tremble at my approach, but now I think it’s because I personify the death knell for their business. Look at the number of places I go to which are completely empty. I feel like it’s kind of my fault.

Mrs Del Monte and The Hurricane. I'll let you decide who the bigger show off is.

Ali Baba and the forty absent customers

Charming stuff.

Dearth (of customers) Vardar

The entrance is a trap.

Gilaking in diners

This massive round banqueting table was not laid and presume is set aside for animal sacrifice, other satanic rituals and parties of 8.

Mimino miminising covers

Busy busy.

Sidra insert pun here

I asked all the other diners to stand to one side so I could get a good view of the place. They immediately complied.

Port of Manila – no one docking here.

A beautifully appointed interior affording a spectacular view of Shepherd's Bush Road and it's much vaunted "20 Zone" signpost. Eat it Sydney Harbour Bridge, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Empire States Building.

Thai Rice crickets chirp

Pho interior. I know what you're thinking: "How professional a photographer is Charlie!" Never had one lesson.

Phoking empty

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