I Lovebox

People know me as an avid follower of developing trends in the world of popular ‘pop’ music and so it should come as no surprise that I made my way straight to the open air sweat lodge that is Lovebox (http://mamacolive.com/lovebox/). The bears were out in force and so finally I had some worthy company for the Del Monte beard. There was a huge amount of drug taking on display. I think that prohibition is ridiculous but the law is the law, so I hurried to inform an attending officer of what I had witnessed and he told me to “move on Serpico.” Whilst I didn’t get the reference, I got the distinct impression that he was being neglectful of his duties and labeling me with the narc slur. There’s nothing wrong with being a narc, they perform an important social function. Even at school I got quite the reputation for a being a narc; Mrs Braithwaite the drop-dead gorgeous Biology teacher threatened class detention unless the person responsible for sending 46 lovingly rendered etchings of her was identified. I was honour-bound to reveal the identity of the perpetrator. Me.

Mrs Braithwaite. Stilll got it.

Mrs Braithwaite. Still got it.

Lovebox had a bunch of food vendors around with some quite exotic-looking food on offer. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a spicy curry whilst sitting on the dusty ground next to a port-a-loo, in direct sunlight and 29°C heat? My darling little beard and I were quite hungry however between Lianne La Havas and Kelis and we happened across the Karantania Deli (http://karantaniadeli.co.uk/). We tucked into some savoury spinach and feta strudel and a ćevapčići‎, a sandwich made up of nuggets of minced meat served over tomato and some sauce. Well worth a munch. Karantania is a balkan deli, originated by a guy from Slovenia; Karantania used to be a bit of Austria and Slovenia so it won’t count for the quest, but it does count as delicious.


Something for everyone

Something for everyone

Savoury muffins. Same name as my Cub Scout group.

Savoury muffins. Same name as my Cub Scout group.

The bread is warmed over the cooking meat - inspired"!

The bread is warmed over the cooking meat – inspired!

Inside a ćevapčići.

Inside a ćevapčići.

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