Tito’s Peruvian Restaurant

So me and some chums went here last night. Let’s put PERU up on the big board. (Note to self: Get big board).

Here’s the www: http://www.titosperuvianrestaurant.com

It’s near London Bridge tube.

We kicked off with a jug of Pisco sour (a cactus based alcohol apparently), empanadas and some rubgy ball shaped potato things deep fried containing meat, egg and raisins. V nice and the “hot” sauce was indeed hot. Just like the waiter said it would be.

The main courses are pictured below. I ordered the Seco de Cordero, lamb on tacu tacu. The waiter helpfully explained that tacu tacu is rice mixed with white beans and appeared to be a staple for most of the main courses. It was tasty enough, though the lamb and the duck weren’t particularly flavoursome, the rib and fish courses were. I’m afraid to say that the duck was marinated in a sauce that smelled distinctly like manure. There’s no two ways about it. I bravely offered to swap my lamb for my good lady fiancée’s manure-smelling duck and was genuinely put out when she accepted. It tasted of nothing much, but at least it didn’t taste how it smelled.

The atmos was somewhat lacking, nothing some decent lighting couldn’t fix, but the staff were genuinely amiable.

We booked, but didn’t really need to.

It was £124 for four people including the service charge.

I’d go there again.

A side note: though I disdain vegetarianism and all it stands for I pity the vegetarian in this restaurant. All the vegetarian dishes contain Quorn. I don’t think Quorn is native to Peru. The child’s menu contained a typical Peruvian dish of chicken, chips and hotdogs which would go down a treat right about now.

Finally, the tacu tacu. You may have figured out that we dined on NYE, meaning that we were likely to be heading out for a drink afterwards. The tacu tacu did not repeat. I repeat, the tacu tacu did not, repeat, did not repeat. How many times have you gone for a curry or a mexican, then going out later on and you can’t escape the postprandial whiff of your meal? If you’re trying to chat someone up, it can put a real dampner on things. The tacu tacu not only did not cause bad breath, it also lined the stomach excellently and allowed me to drink phenomenal amounts. Which I now regret.


Menu Duck and Ribs Lamb Tito's Seafood Tito's interior

Tito’s Peruvian Restaurant
4-6 London Bridge Street
Tel: 0207 407 7787


  1. As long as you keep putting cleavage on your blog I’ll keep reading it!

    1. You’re barred! We don’t serve your sort here.

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